Al – HAQUE Office. one of the first offices in Qatar which have the experience more than 40 years in the field of real estate experience, and supported in all degrees of the courts in Qatar, all local banks, all lawyers, in all companies and audit offices,and all the official authorities in Qatar           Read More…

Ali Ishaq H. Al Ishaq



Ali Ishaq Hussein Al Ishaq

Mohammed A. I. Hussein Al Ishaq

The office did an evaluation for more than 90% of large facilities in Qatar As well as many evaluations for several locations out of Qatar.

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Real estate legal experience issues at courts in all grades

Green housing or green construction design Green housing or green construction refers to a structure whose design, construction and operation is sustainable, resource efficient and the design and material used is such that it allows indoor environmental quality enhancement,...

Experience estimation and R.E Evaluation at Legal Authorities, Banks. Auditors …etc

Still struggling with old-fashioned and defunct electrical system? Are you looking for customized electrical solution for your home and enterprise that operates hassle free and requires zero maintenance?? Specialization As an Electrical contractor we at SARAL specialize in  design...

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